Thursday, June 18, 2009

apple and prune puree: asking for seconds

I smell like poop.

Kasper woke up right in the middle of me posting this post and recipes, so I set him down on the carpet with some toys and went back to business at hand. I heard a few grunts, smelled something "earthy," and a minute later I turned around to find him with a fistful of poo in each hand, moving one hand toward his mouth. Poo had oozed out of his diaper and was smeared on the carpet, on his belly, on... everywhere.

Don't worry, I cleaned myself, Kasper, the carpet, the tub, everywhere, about four times, all the while with the timer for my Zucchini Sweet Potato Bread going off (recipe to follow if it turns out). But the smell lingers.

Guess he liked the apple and prune puree I made him yesterday so much he went back for seconds.

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