Saturday, June 20, 2009

butter your own bagel

Like in most families, we have a kid that is a "picky eater". So, when my husband asked her at dinner, "If you could pick anything to have for dinner, what would you pick?" I got an idea. I sat down with her the next day and asked her if she would like to pick what we ate for diner one night that week. She was thrilled and started throwing out ideas even before I got a pen out. We brainstormed, we (I) edited, we picked a night, we shopped, and we cooked. Here's the menu:

Tomato Salad
Corn on the Cob
Strawberry Shortcake

I was happy to see that it was a simple, well balanced menu.

Next was the cooking. I have to say that I have ulterior motives when I have my kids cook with me. Yes, I’m flattered that my kids want to do what I’m doing. Yes, I want them to think cooking is fun. But, sometimes I would also like my kids to realize just how much work goes into making a meal, and would like my kids to learn how to be self-sufficient in the kitchen some day, what one friend calls “buttering your own bagel”.

I was amazed at how much the girls were able to contribute, remember they are 2 & 4. They shucked corn, put it in a pot, carried the pot to the sink, filled the pot with water, and put the lid on the pot. Then, they washed lettuce in a bowl of water, put it in the salad spinner, spun the lettuce, and ripped it into smaller pieces. So, the kitchen floor was covered in corn silk and the kids were wet. Luckily for all of us, they lost interest as I was about to loose my patience. In the end, it’s the small successes I’m striving for. She was so proud to tell her dad about her dinner menu when he got home and she cleaned her plate.

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  1. I love this, Sloan! Great idea. I need to try it. Though I asked Jules what he'd have for dinner and he told me pizza (OK) with pepperoni (he hates--too spicy), and CUCUMBERS (yeah, right). May try again when he's had more sleep. ;)